Intelligent. Proactive. Integrated.

Modern security for modern threats.



Introducing the world’s first risk-adaptive access control system.


Predict the Unpredictable

Stay ahead of threats with ReconA.I.


A Smarter Way to Manage Security

Physical security has been stuck in a static, forensic, reactive, and siloed state with legacy tools that can’t keep pace with today’s ever-evolving threats and overwhelming amount of data. Today’s digitally-transformed and hyperconnected world requires a new approach – one that’s adaptive, proactive, risk-aware, and that integrates with the existing systems and devices for a more modern and holistic approach. Enter ReconaSense.

Making Sense of It All with ReconaSense

Better Visibility

Better Visibility

Gain a unified view into risk and potential threats across your entire security environment

Risk-Based Security

Intelligent Access

Modernize your access control with a risk-adaptive approach to security

Advanced Threat Detection

Proactive Security

Get ahead of attacks with predictive insights and actionable remediation guidance

A Unification Platform for Your Security Data

Recon is a security intelligence unification platform that seamlessly integrates with all your security systems as well as other enterprise applications and transforms vast amounts of real-time and stored data into actionable security and risk intelligence to mitigate risk before it wreaks havoc.

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Reccon Data Platform

Risk-Adaptive Access Control for Dynamic Organizations

ReconAccess is the first and only intelligent, risk-adaptive access control system that measures risk scores for users and environments and adjusts access permissions to ensure safe interactions between people, facilities and assets. Because it’s Mercury-based and works together with third-party mobile devices, badges, and biometrics, it enables painless upgrades from legacy PACS without proprietary hardware.

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Security Intelligence without Human Constraints

ReconA.I. is revolutionizing the physical security industry by harnessing the influx of data with artificial intelligence and a risk-based approach to improve life safety, minimize risk and speed response times in emergency situations. It provides security teams with machine-level decision support to help them make better decisions, faster.

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Physical Security Intelligence and Next-Gen Access Control

ReconaSense founders recognized that even though risk is the ultimate moving target for an enterprise, security technology could not proactively recognize it. Our patented, award-winning platform combines Recon, ReconAccess and ReconA.I. to deliver unparalleled access control, integration and analytics. Finally, physical security can begin to operate dynamically, intelligently and proactively with the rest of the enterprise. Transform your security posture from reactive to proactive with the ReconaSense.

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White Paper - The ReconaSense A.I. Platform for Physical Security