Physical Security + A.I.

Intelligent Security Management


White Paper - The ReconaSense A.I. Platform for Physical Security

All your security events, analyzed and actionable, in real-time

Don’t settle for incomplete information. From access control to command centers, ReconaSense optimizes existing systems, while providing an intelligence platform to grow with your security needs. Turn any device or data point into a security sensor with ReconaSense, and proactively manage risk across an enterprise. Integrate sub-systems, define what matters most, and let ReconaSense do the rest.


ReconaSense recognized by Security Today as an innovator with 3 GOVIE Awards for Government Security

Intelligent Access Control

Advanced Threat Detection

Empower operators to become proactive and begin defending against advanced threats such as Insider Threats and Multi-Vector Attacks. Real-time analytics enable the detection of anomalies or other user-defined activity, regardless of operator experience.

Retained Expertise

Common Operating Picture

Enterprises can manage ten technologies as easily as one, similar to a universal remote control. Simplify collaboration with end-to-end visibility and user-defined interfaces to have the right information when it is most needed.

Real time context

Risk-Based Access Control

Combining Artificial Neural Networking with native access control allows implementations of Role-based Access Control and Attributed-based Access Control to make dynamic and intelligent permissions across facilities in real-time.


Accelerated Forensics

Normalize and centralize log files for rapid visibility into exactly what happened. Whether you’re investigating a breach, analyzing suspicious activity, or performing compliance audits, get the answer in minutes or seconds, rather than days or hours.


ReconaSense - New Product of the Year for Convergence & Integrated Software Solutions by Security Today

The ReconaSense Difference

When After is Too Late, Transform Data into Decisions

Forensic Security

Existing systems are siloed and post-event, which means security teams must review and respond to many diverse alerts in real-time – all the time. This results in a reactive, delayed and inconsistent security posture.


A.I. Security

ReconaSense fights information overload by breaking siloes between systems and alerting operators of user-defined threats or suspicious activity. This results in a proactive, real-time and consistent security posture.


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First Intelligent Security Platform

Unleash your security data and put it to work. ReconaSense normalizes and analyzes diverse data, so operators have tools to connect the dots and proactively manage risk across an enterprise – all in real-time.

We call ReconaSense “noise-cancelling security,” but you can just call it better security. Learn more.