ReconaSense Named New Product of the Year for Convergence & Integrated Software and Solutions by Security Today

Built for the Future of Physical Security.


White Paper - The ReconaSense A.I. Platform for Physical Security

Know everything you need to quickly determine what matters—and respond smarter and faster to physical security threats.

Access Control + Video Management + Enterprise Command Center

You deserve the full story on your physical security.

Don’t settle for incomplete information from your outdated access control and video systems. Cut out the costly maintenance fees and stop worrying about the difficulties of upgrading. With ReconaSense, you get the physical security system of the future, without the pain and expense that normally come with an upgrade.

ReconaSense: Best-in-Class Access Control—But It Doesn’t Stop There.

Jam-packed with features and easy for anyone to use.

With ReconaSense you can turn any connected, Internet of Things (IoT) device or data point into a security sensor using our proprietary ReconaSense platform. Finally, a holistic solution that weighs data from all your sensors.

Retained Expertise


  • Built on Windows 10.
  • Self-healing network operates even when there are outages.
  • Framework allows integration of new sensors as you adopt them.
Intelligent Access Control


  • Consolidate data from multiple security systems into a single language.
  • Automatic pattern discovery based on rules and triggers you define.
  • Entire physical-security ecosystem in a single user interface.


  • Intuitive touchscreen with tile-based interface custom tailored to your security policies.
  • Easy onboarding, training, and use.
  • Integrates with most existing hardware, so it’s easy and inexpensive to get up and running.

The ReconaSense Difference

By Transforming Data into Decisions, We Make Your Current Access Control System Obsolete.

Competitor systems are siloed, which means security teams have multiple inputs to review and respond to at all times. This results in reactive delayed, and inconsistent responses.


ReconaSense synthesizes data from all physical security sensors to give your the full story in a single user interface. Security teams easily determine if they need to take action to preempt a threat.


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We call ReconaSense “noise-cancelling security,” but you can just call it better security. Learn more.

How Our Proactive Automated Threat Detection Works.

Anything that’s connected to your network—access controllers, cameras, even temperature sensors or lighting systems—can be connected to ReconaSense.

System admins can then use that data to create Suspicion Signatures™ to model incidents that could put people or assets at risk, or to define other events you’d want to know about, like a VIP arriving onsite or employees deviating from policy.

The system can also be directed to suggest an action when the Suspicion Signatures™ detect a risk. Your team will see the alerts and be able to act quickly, getting ahead of potential risks while staying aligned with your security policies.

Ready to Experience the Future?

If you’re using your current ACS mainly for door control, you might think you don’t need to switch. But ReconaSense is simple to use, future-proof, and costs less than the competition. So even if you’re not ready to use every single feature on our platform, give our basic ACS a try. We guarantee it’s better than what you’re using now.

ReconaSense Pays for Itself.

ReconaSense pays for itself with simple installation and configuration, compatibility with legacy hardware, effortless onboarding for new users, and maintenance fees that are the lowest in the industry. Best of all, the platform is future-proof.

The ReconaSense Mission.

Today, the teams responsible for our physical security are overwhelmed with information. It’s impossible for them to quickly, effectively, and consistently analyze the data across systems and mitigate threats in real time. As a result, security teams are often reactive and rely on their instincts, which can lead to delayed, inconsistent responses to physical security threats, putting people and businesses at risk.

ReconaSense believes we’ll all be safer when security teams can identify and mitigate physical threats before they happen. That’s why we built this system and made it easy to install and use. Learn more about us.