The world will be a safer place when security teams can detect and mitigate physical threats before they happen.

That’s why the ReconaSense team crafted the world’s first and only proactive security solution. Our tools empower physical-security teams to make smarter decisions in less time by easily detecting and responding to the information that matters, without being overwhelmed by the information that doesn’t.

Built on experience. Architected for innovation.

ReconaSense is the seventh generation of physical-security technology built by our team of technologists, engineers, product experts, and data scientists. This latest solution is built to take access control and situational awareness to the next level by elegantly managing the convergence of cyber and physical security. Designed on flexible architecture and built for the Internet of Things, our system is made to bring legacy systems up to speed with the data-driven future. Add to that our patented Adaptive Security Network for Anomalous Event Detection1, and you can see how we help your security team move from distraction to action.

As the IoT fuels Big Data, ReconaSense sees an unaddressed gap in physical security. There’s a difference between raw information and actionable intelligence. Through experience and expertise, we’re prepared to bridge this gap and lead the industry toward a bright, data-driven, and proactive future.

1US Patent Number 8779921

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