We offer the next dimension of access control.

It’s time for an intelligent access control system.

Managing entryways has long been access control’s primary objective. Modern connectivity, however, requires more granular control. Access control today needs to be able to look beyond the door and make decisions based on the activity surrounding your facility. ReconaSense puts your raw sensory data into context and connects that data to our access-control system, which allows your team to base security decisions on real-time dynamics. You can define what is most critical to you, and proactively step in before potential threats turn into full-blown incidents.

Sophistication without complexity.

User Friendly


Your front-line security team can easily follow protocol, with our simple interface and clear alerts, when a potential threat is detected. Our user-defined interface mirrors how you perceive your site’s environment.



Syncing our system with your IT team is simple using our adaptive architecture, modern technology foundation, and self-healing network.



Upgrading doesn’t require new controllers, so you can avoid costly new hardware and complicated integration. Our access control is built for the IoT and compatible with legacy systems, making it a timeless solution.

Key features of ReconaSense access control:

  • Facility lockdown
  • Multi-card format
  • Mass notifications
  • Alert notifications

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