Lockdown at Your Fingertips

Enough Headlines. Today’s world demands technology that stops harm as quickly as it begins. With 69% of Active Shooter incidents ending before police can arrive, your facilities must be the first line of defense – and a strong one at that. This means instant and intelligent emergency lockdown.

With ReconaSense® Mobile Suite, campuses and businesses have a new tool to proactively extend security by providing instant and intelligent lockdown in emergency situations with just a push of a button.



Emergency lockdown is at your fingertips. Literally. Our wearable iWatch application arms staff and security officers to quickly and easily initiate lockdown if an attack occurs. Experts often say that faster lockdowns would mitigate damages.


Quickly share surveillance with first-responders and law enforcement in critical situations to accelerate and improve response decisions, while protecting an individual’s privacy during daily operations.

See & Say

Staff can easily collect and log suspicious activity by mobile monitoring of environments for early warnings.


Students and staff can provide status updates and location during an incident, when every second matters.


...together they make your Security SMARTER!

Automatically detect traditional and advanced threats in real-time to ensure appropriate response, regardless of operator experience.

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