Eliminate the distractions. Focus on the threats.

The ReconaSense Enterprise Command Center makes sense of it all.

Currently, security data is siloed—and there’s plenty of it. This makes it difficult for security operators to piece together threats in real-time, and downright impossible to detect incidents as they’re evolving. ReconaSense translates data from across your security ecosystem into actionable intelligence while blocking out the noise. Operators can now easily detect and respond to complex events by focusing only on what matters. Whether you’re responsible for a single site or an entire enterprise, unleash your team’s potential with ReconaSense.

Retain your team’s expertise.

One hidden cost in any operation is knowledge loss due to employee turnover. By capturing your team members’ experience, the ReconaSense platform can define rules and record which patterns of activity indicate a potential security threat. This shrinks the learning curve, retains best practices, and keeps security standards consistent, no matter what level of experience your operator has.

The brains of your operation.

Real time context


Get the full picture of your dynamic security ecosystem by integrating diverse security systems and sensors into a single, simple actionable user interface.

User defined


Control alert settings and prescribed actions to apply standards across operators and sites, in addition to site-specific needs. Admins can easily update rules as the environment changes or new systems are added.



Upgrading doesn’t require new controllers, so you’ll avoid costly new hardware and complicated integration. Our access control is built for the IoT and compatible with legacy systems, too.



Our system is aligned with IT needs for modern, secure, and flexible architecture. It’s designed to work with legacy systems, modern software, and technologies that don’t even exist yet.

Key features of the ReconaSense proactive platform:

  • Structure
    • Data synchronization between multiple databases
    • Segmented database architecture
    • Intelligent fault-tolerant response system
    • Intelligent middleware

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