Physical Security’s Virtual Assistant

ReconaSense A.I. Assist is a neural network that sits on top of security sub-systems to automate the detection and response to security threats. No longer soley rely on human operators or guards to connect the dots in real-time. Eliminate error and improve response time, so your security posture is not limited by human constraints. Define what matters most to your operation, and ReconaSense will do the rest.

Retain Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

A hidden cost in any security operation is the knowledge lost due to employee turnover. By capturing your team member’s experience, ReconaSense can maintain a high security posture while new members get trained and learn their environment. This drastically reduces the learning curve, retains best practices and consistently maintains security standards, regardless the level of experience your operator has.


White Paper - The ReconaSense A.I. Platform for Physical Security

Real-time Alerts

Monitor activity across an enterprise with real-time threat assessments, so operators can manage risk proactively before, during and after an incident:

  • Automatically detect KNOWN threats
  • Identify indicators SUSPICIOUS events
  • Accelerate the investigation for threats that were previously UNKNOWN
AI Assistance

The Brain for your Security Operation

Real time context

The Analytic of Analytics

Analyze behaviors across multiple technologies or analytics in order to optimize existing security investments.

If this, Then that

If this, Then that

This simple logic can ensure critical areas receive the attention and sensitivity deserved, regardless of operator experience.

Custom Function without Custom Code

Custom Function without Custom Code

Modern solutions must be as flexible as each operation is unique, without the cost of custom software development.

Risk-Based Security

Risk-Based Security

Automate the monitoring and management of your security, based on dynamic risk variables.

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