Time for Intelligent Access Control

Managing and monitoring entryways has long been the primary objective of access control. Recently, Industry 4.0 has connected an enterprise like never before, demanding more granular control based on dynamic variables. Modern access control needs to be as intelligent and responsive as other enterprise operations. This requires assessing activity, before and after the door, prior to granting access. ReconaSense introduces physical security’s first and only intelligent access control, ensuring consistent and proactive security across sophisticated enterprise operations.

Advanced Access Control

ReconaSense delivers the Physical Access Control System with a modern database architecture to support current and future Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies and procedures. Using Artificial Neural Networking (ANN) and Real-time Analytics, implementations of Role-based Access Control (RBAC) and Attributed-based Access Control (ABAC) can finally make dynamic and intelligent permissions across facilities.

finger print


Grant access based on individual attributes or activity, and eliminate controls based on static, group associations.



Managing risk across physical and cyber security departments has never been easier. IT departments prefer ReconaSense for many reasons:

  • Win10 Foundation
  • Open-Protocol Data Platform
  • Cloud Architecture
  • .NET Framework
  • SQL & NoSQL compatibility


Upgrading access control is as simple as a software upgrade. ReconaSense eliminates the need for new hardware purchases or complex integrations. Compatibility with legacy systems and future technologies combines to make a timeless platform for security management.

Advanced Threat Detection


Fight modern threats with modern tools. Empower operators to begin defending against corporate espionage, multi-vector attacks and insider threats.

Risk-Based Security


Risk has different meanings to different organizations. However measured, assess risk variables in real-time before granting access to critical facilities.

Real time context


Existing systems were not architected to provide real-time intelligence, with multiple alerts sometimes taking longer than 60 seconds to reach an operator. Get answers in seconds rather than minutes.

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